Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS) invites applicants for its new franchise program

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High return on investment in a sports venture made easier

High return on investment in a sports venture made easier

The passion for football isn’t enough to run a profitable sports academy. There are multiple challenges ranging from limitations in operational expertise, access to scientific training curriculum, managing day to day activities, structured coach education program and player developmental pathway, thereby creating roadblocks to running a successful sports venture.

We are the only sports organization in India that has an end-to-end pathway for aspiring student-athletes and coaches. This approach is the culmination of building organizational knowledge over a period of 12 years spanning grassroots to professional sports. This 'eco-system' approach also sets us up well to become a very large company as we continue to build deep expertise across multiple domains.

With over a decade of experience, BBFS has built a sustainable business model with attractive unit economics for running a non-residential academy and giving sizable return on investment.

18,000+kids trained
25+Indian cities
85+training centers
18,000+kids trained
25+Indian cities
85+training centers

Expertise in training youth and coaches

Expertise in training youth and coaches

BBFS - with the support of select European academies and instructors - has developed its in-house training curricula for youth players and coaches rated highest by the All India Football Federation*. We spend over 5000 hours annually in Coach Education - through non-residential and residential workshops, hiring and training some of the most promising coaches - who are further responsible to train the student-athletes.

BBFS offers access to the same technical knowhow and trained coaching staff to its franchise partners to ensure the same quality of training at par with any BBFS academy across the country.

Backed by a tech enabled full-stack sports platform

BBFS is backed by three powerful digital tools - a) enJogo App - India’s first football learning platform; b) Dugout App - center and session management tool; c) In-house CRM - provides a seamless online-offline learning experience to users who seek to play, learn and master football.

enJogo App - with center discovery, demo scheduling, signup and progress tracking - enJogo is the go-to platform for parents and student-athletes when they sign up with a BBFS center.

Dugout App - access to BBFS’ digital library of training sessions, session and match-day planning and in-app attendance and evaluations - Dugout becomes the perfect companion of the coach to maintain and record player progress.

In-house CRM - BBFS’ answer to a seamless lead and subscription management database designed by experts with over a decade of experimentation and adopting best practices.

  • Training curriculum & online workouts
  • Center discovery & demo-scheduling
  • Session and Match Scheduling
  • Player and Coach Evaluation
  • Subscription Management
  • Instant Customer Feedback

Join us today and be part of India’s largest football community!

With the power of technology-lead operations and an extensive coach network, we have solved the problem of running multi-city operations of non-residential sports centers - BBFS centers are running successfully across 19 cities with the aim to expand to over 100 cities across India within the next 5 years.

Who can partner to open a BBFS center? What is the eligibility criteria to start?

Anyone who is running or wishes to set up a profitable business in sports can partner with us and set a BBFS training center (Franchise) by meeting the minimum requirements of having access to infrastructure (Football field - minimum 35m*50m) and ability to make an upfront investment ranging between 10 to 15 lakhs in setting up the academy.

What kind of support and training will I receive from BBFS?

Technical Curriculum: Access to age-specific training curriculum for grassroots and youth for all levels (entry to advanced);

Coach Ed: Support in hiring and training of coaches through a comprehensive Coach Ed Program to increase the program quality and capacity to train more players'

Player Development Pathway: pathway to give opportunities to talented players to play elite competitions (AIFF accredited academy competitions, BBFS tours and camps) and option for all players to accelerate their development journey in football by joining the residential academy. foundation sq (entry) >> development sq (mid) >> youth league (adv) >> residential academy >> club-university >> placements / pro-contract with professional clubs. (Make a creative)

Technology Platforms:

CRM Dashboard for academy operations including lead management (LMS), renewal management (RMS), sales dashboard, attendance and evaluations, coach allocation, curriculum planning and mass communication.

Dugout App: For training and event management (matches, PCM, etc), student and staff attendance and evaluation, assigning curriculum, Lead Management System (LMS) and Renewal Management System (RMS) calling.

enJogo App: Trials information, center scouting, demos scheduling, enrollment and renewals, player training and event calendar, player evaluation, parent feedback, and access to custom workouts.

What are the roles and responsibilities of each party?
Franchisee R&R Franchisor R&R
Owned or leased / rented football field (for min next 5 years) Age specific player development curriculum
Hiring Staff (ops manager, sales, coaches) Coach development curriculum and coach education
On ground sales and operations Tech-enabled Operations (customer app, staff app and CRM tool)
Participation in competitions etc. Central marketing and sales support
Reporting and data keeping Pathway to professional football
Tripartite agreements (as needed by Franchisor) Access to licensed coaches

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